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Go Beyond Snorkeling

Explore the Amazing Underwater World

NO Certification Required • Ages 8+

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Safe • Easy • Fun

The Highlight of your Holiday!

Phuket's Best Price for Try Diving


What is SNUBA?

SNUBA® is the Safest and Easiest way to try Diving Today!

S-surface N-nexus U-underwater B-breathing A-apparatus

I know what you are thinking, nexus - what is a nexus? A nexus is a connection or link, which is exactly what SNUBA does.

SNUBA® connects the surface with the wonders of the underwater world!

SNUBA is diving, so what is the difference between scuba diving and SNUBA diving?

SNUBA® vs. Scuba

SNUBA diving uses the same equipment as scuba diving, but it's positioned differently to make trying diving safer and easier. With SNUBA there is no heavy equipment to wear. The heavy and awkward air cylinder goes into the patented SNUBA raft that floats on the surface and follows you where ever you go. The only things you wear are a lightweight harness, mask, scuba regulator, fins, and a weight belt to make you neutrally buoyant in the water. In scuba you must wear and learn to use a BCD (buoyancy compensation device) to help control your buoyancy, which changes throughout a dive as you ascend, descend and use the air in your tank. SNUBA divers are able to fine tune their weight to float in the water like an astronaut and swim along comfortably without worrying about sinking to fast, rocketing to the surface, or bouncing off of coral. All you have to do is enjoy your time underwater!

Speaking of sinking and coming to the surface. The SNUBA system allows for perfectly controlled ascents and descents using the air hose that attaches to the SNUBA raft. This same air hose also prevents divers from unknowingly descending further than 7 meters.

With over 3.5 million people having tried SNUBA in the last 20 years, SNUBA's safety record speaks for itself.

FACT - SNUBA is the World's Safest and Easiest way to try Diving

Authorized SNUBA® Recreational Center

The SNUBA® System is NOT for sale or rent.

Only Licensed & Fully Insured SNUBA Recreational Centers are authorized to conduct SNUBA operations. All SNUBA dive guides are professionally trained to make your experience SNUBA diving a truly memorable experience. A Certified SNUBA Dive Guide performs all safety briefings, equipment preparation, and in water tours. Your guide will be there with you throughout the entire dive to assist you and point out all of the amazing marine life that you will see on the underwater tour!

SNUBA® is a registered trademark of SNUBA International, Inc.


SNUBA® Underwater Tour - Paradise Beach Phuket

Paradise Beach Phuket - Rated #1 for Snorkeling & Diving on Phuket Island

Go Beyond Snorkeling® with SNUBA®

IMG 4532  Paradise Beach Phuket  Paradise Beach Phuket

The SNUBA Underwater Tour to Paradise Beach Phuket is the Highlight of your Holiday in Phuket!

SNUBA - NO Certification or Experience Required

SNUBA is designed for people who have never tried diving, those that want to get a quick dive in during their holiday and even as a fantastic way to introduce diving to friends and family!

Have you ever dreamed of what it would be like to breathe underwater and swim weightlessly among hundreds of beautiful tropical fish? 

SNUBA® gives you the chance to see corals and marine life up close. With all the vibrant colors and unique marine life that is hard to see if only snorkeling.
SNUBA opens up a whole new world!

After 15 minute safety briefing, your SNUBA Dive Guide will help fit you with the lightweight harness, weightbelt, fins and mask before entering the water.

On the surface your SNUBA Dive Guide will go over some easy skills and then show you how to slowly descend into the crystal clear waters. The SNUBA raft is always there for you and acts like the side of a pool that follows you everywhere you go. The descent line helps ensure a slow controlled descent allowing you to easily equalize your ears. The air line is always there for you to hold onto to feel more secure, but you do not have to hold on - you can let go and experience the thrill of swimming weightless through the water alongside all the marine life!

Throughout the dive, your SNUBA dive guide is there to ensure your safety and help point out all the unique marine life during your 25 minute SNUBA dive.

Join us for SNUBA at Paradise Beach and experience the Highlight of Your Holiday in Phuket!


Paradise Beach Phuket

Phuket Paradise Beach  Phuket Paradise Beach  Paradise Beach Phuket

One of the most beautiful beaches on Phuket Island - Paradise Beach! 

Located about 20 minutes from Patong through the hills and down a beautiful winding jungle road is Paradise Beach - One of Phuket's most beautiful beach areas.

Privately owned, Paradise Beach is a fantastic beach to get away and relax island style.

Our SNUBA Dive at Paradise Beach includes the Admission Ticket to both Paradise Beach beach areas, Beach Chair & Umbrella, Showers, Toilets, snorkel gear and one SNUBA dive at the beautiful Paradise Reef filled with marine life.

The large protected bay is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The reef is located 100 meters straight out from the beach and varies in depth from 3 to 8 meters deep and filled with colorful fish and hard corals.

While at Paradise Beach you can even choose to have lunch with a view or simply enjoy the perfect Phuket beach in true Island Style.

Lunch at Paradise Beach Phuket  Thai Lunch at Paradise Beach  Paradise Beach huts Phuket

Paradise Beach Phuket - Rated #1 Beach for Snorkeling and Diving


Couples & Group Discounts available for online SNUBA bookings** - Click Here for more information

SNUBA® Underwater Tour - Paradise Beach Phuket:

Price - 2,500 baht

SNUBA Dive - Paradise Beach Includes: 1 SNUBA® Dive, Admission to Paradise Beach, Beach Chair, All SNUBA Equipment, Instruction, Professional Certified Guide, Insurance, & Toilets & Showers

* Price does NOT include land transfer - Contact us if you would like help arranging transfers
** Advance ONLINE 'no-transfer' bookings are eligible for Couples & Group Discounts (bookings made at least 1 day in advance)

SNUBA diving based on availability - we strongly recommended that you call first for availability - SNUBA is not open for walk-in guests everyday. 


SNUBA Underwater Tour Package including transfers:

Price 2,900 baht

SNUBA @ Paradise Beach Package Includes: 1 SNUBA® Dive, Admission to Paradise Beach, Beach Chair, All SNUBA Equipment, Instruction, Professional Certified Guide, Insurance, Toilets & Showers, and Land Transfers to Paradise Beach (areas outside Patong, Kata & Karon additional charges apply)

 * There are no discounts on bookings including transfers

Basic Swimming Skills are Required to try SNUBA - All Participants must sign the Medical & Liability Release - CLICK HERE to Review

* SNUBA is availble for children ages 8+ - Children under 5 are not covered under Thailand's required Tour Accident Insurance - if you are told children under 5 are free, this is why - if there is an accident they can claim they did not know they were on board. In any case, please ensure you have sufficient Travelers Insurance while you are on holiday in Thailand. (Children 5-11 are covered at 50% of adult insurance rates)

Cancellation & Refund Policy - Please see our Terms & Conditions



Book your tour now! Early Booking is Strongly Recommended

There are a limited number of SNUBA® openings per day

For Bookings within 24 hours of the tour date - Please call us at 081-917-6822

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